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Varkala Beach Kerala
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Varkala is one of the nicest beaching in India, even nicer and more pleasant than what you find in Sri Lanka or Thailand. You will find affordable accommodations, outstanding food and friendly people.



The beach is the main attraction in Varkala and unlike Goa you won't find any shacks runining it, all the guesthouse are separate, up on the cliff. While further along Black beach and cliff comes to the beach. The beach of Varkala is patrolled by swimming, all swimmers should be advised of the possibility of STRONG RIP CURRENTS particularly around sunset but at any time it best to be caution. Dolphins are easy to spot along the Varkala coast line. Food is the best in India if not Asia, afford prices makes terrific value. Typical large portion of tandoori Sword Fish, Grouper, Butter fish, Barracuda. Around 200 Rupees in the evening, Prawn, Tiger Prawns, Craps or scampi's can be had 300Rs and up. Keralan coconut curries and something a visitor should not miss. The Malabar coast is lush with fragrant spices, local restaurant will Incorporated any variety of fresh spices and with out chilly. Unlike many places in India you will find many mild curries that are rich in local spices but with the power burn. 

  Night life is mellow and most venues are closed by 11:00pm, some may offer dance or live must. Varkala night life is happening. Many variety of excellent fruits are grown in Kerala, particularly the coconut and banana are local favorites there are over 80 variety of banana grown in Kerala, look out for the famed 'red banana' that has a sweet taste like strawberries. Nepal bakeries have take then evening away in Varkala serving sweet milk chai to go with it a stop at the little Tibet bakeries and restaurant is must. Apple pie and chocolate brownies will keep you occupies doe the wee hours. Molly Curry is a non spices local dish. Polachi fish banana leave wrap. main town is the large temple and swimming tank., Railway station is 4 km from the beach and can be had for 60 rupees there are numerous train to and from Trivandrum that take as little as 45 minutes.       

Welcome to Varkala Beach Kerala winner of the best beach in India award. In Varkala you will many hidden and quiet beaches, occupied by only palm trees and the occasion fisherman or wayward crab. You will find many types of accommodations to suit you budget or life style. Ayurveda or yoga holiday are passion of many people in Varkala. The clean air and lush palms and topical breeze luring many visitors all year round. The weather tends to be the best from December to February but Varkala is a tropical paradise any time of year. The swimming in Varkalas' beach is superb, clear crisp and of course warm waters great you with a reasonable amount of surf for body surfing or boogie boards.



 Numerous local personalities of staff and business people will greet you in Kerala. In Varkala like many places in Kerala a local women will often be in the position of management, some not seen in other part of India. Yoga class come every shape and hatha form you could imagine. Facial massage. pedicure, arithmetic leaf massage. Kathakali dance is held nightly. Long term apartments are available, but since the food is so goo din the restaurant it is hard to justify. Both rooms and beach or cliff huts are available to small cottage you can take your pick, generally air condition is not necessary but some hotels offer it.

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Welcome to Varkala Beach Kerala   Varkala is one of the nicest beaching in India, even nicer and more pleasant…
Cafe Del Mar Probably the business eatery on the cliff in Varkala is Cafe Del Mar. Well thought out menu…